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PKF Investment Platform

In the past the only option for investors looking for an asset management solution was to entrust their money to fund managers or to opt for direct trading.

PKF’s Investment Platform leverages technology to provide clients with the ability to design their own portfolio through an innovative online investment tool whilst avoiding the heavy costs associated with traditional fund managers. We provide our clients with the ability to define a personalised risk profile, select their personal investment preferences and start investing in just a few clicks.

Our pioneering algorithm not only analyses each security individually, but also takes into account the correlations between the individual assets within the given portfolio, to create the ideal balance between market risk and return.

Investor Profile

Our investment platform is the ideal solution for investors:

  • looking for an asset management tool that gives them total control and liberates them from having to constantly monitor the markets
  • looking to leverage quantitative research to create an optimal diversified multi-asset portfolio tailored to their own investment preferences
  • who understand the impact that higher fees associated with traditional fund management have on performance
  • wanting to define their own investment strategy and implement their decisions rapidly

What used to take hours can now be done in minutes. Clients define their personal risk tolerance, reference currency and investment preferences in just a few clicks and our investment platform takes care of the rest.

Our investment solution enables clients to access a quantitative asset management tool and investment universe at an affordable minimum investment amount of USD 20,000.