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There is no doubt that offshore structures hold a massive amount of wealth globally and that going global is a very real consideration for many business leaders. An offshore structure offers increased asset protection, privacy and has tax benefits if done correctly. However having good advisors who keep abreast of changes in legislation and regulations is paramount.

We provide end-to-end corporate structures for investment purposes to selected clients. We are not an offshore service provider or trust company, we work with specialist providers and manage the relationship and costs on behalf of our clients.


  • Corporate Registration and Annual Compliance
    We will register an International Business Corporation (“IBC”) in the Seychelles. IBC’s are tax neutral companies that are not only exempt from tax in the Seychelles they are also exempt from dividend and interest withholding taxes in the Seychelles. We also ensure that all annual compliance is carried out.
  • Corporate Director
    IBC’s can legally appoint a corporate director; we utilise a purpose built company in this role.
  • Banking
    Opening and administering of bank accounts and/or investment accounts.
  • Accounting Records
    The maintenance of basic accounting record.